Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Daffodil and Sheep Challenge

Yes, it is finally done.....well, a few more stitches to tack down the cotton binding on the back is all.

Oh, Elaine, I wanted to respond to you personally but since you are a NO-REPLY blogger the emails don't get to you.  But yes, I have done all types of binding rugs, wool yarn whipping, wool strip whipping, the Betsy Reed primitive edge binding, wool covered cording edge with wool back, you name it and I've done it.  If you use the search engine at the top left corner you can type in the words to see  how I did those techniques.  And, if you want to find out how to FIX the NO-REPLY Blogger problem click HERE.  Thanks to "Anyone Can Decorate" for putting together such an easy visual to fix it.

Here's my Little Lambie Pie.  She is wearing a wool collar with a bell so I can tell where she is.
I hooked this using mostly #8.5 and #9 wool strips but did try to use worms whenever and where ever I could in various sizes.  The daffodil trumpets strips ranged from #8 to 3/4 - 1".

The sheep was hooked in a hand cut from a piece of delightful wool which was purchased from Gail Dufresne a few years ago.  Even tho it would go thru the cutter I hand cut ensure the lumps would not be cut in the middle but in the ditch of the weave. 
Am in the process of putting my grandson's design on linen but not going to rush to start hooking it tonight since there's a bit more hand stitching of the inside of the binding tape.  Plus I'd like to steam that section again to make it smooth in the back.

Have a fantastic evening everyone.  If you are wondering why I never respond back to your wonderful , kind and welcomed comments, check to see if you are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER by clicking that link above.



  1. It's done and beautiful. Good job.

  2. Oh my goodness. Your lamb is sweet !
    That "No-Reply Blogger" situation is such a struggle ! People ask you questions and you
    can't get back to them... Oh well, thanks for showing the way ;)

  3. Thanks saundra!! For your answer to my question,, and for telljng me that! Did not know,,, I am pretty new to the ckmputer world,, and thought I was doing good to even get these blogs!! Will try and fix this,,, love love ur mat,,,, thanks so much saundra,,,, take care,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,,

  4. Do love how your sheep turned out. And bound already!! I am sure your grandson will be thrilled with whatever you do for him. Sometimes I think we make it too hard on ourselves.

  5. Very nicely done. He looks realistic!

  6. Great finish Saundra - I especially love the little bell around his/her neck and the flowers are great too. Did you use up all that 'white' wool on the sheep? Or do you have some left to include in a future project?

  7. Great job! Love you rugs beautiful work. Enjoy Your Day! My Best, Kimberly


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