Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back to the Drawing Board

I've fiddled a little with my grandson's design again.  
Instead of two crossed checkered flags have decided to do the line up of all the different types of flags which are used at Nascar races.  I've never been to a race but did learn about the flags on the internet. The green flag starts the race, yellow is to caution there may be debris on the track, a red flag tells drivers to stop on the track in a designated area, black flag tells that driver to get off the track since he did something wrong.  

A blue with yellow stripe tells the driver there is a fast approaching car about to pass and the driver must yield to that vehicle.  A white flag tells the lead car he or she has one lap to go in the race.  

The black and white checkered flag at the lead car means he has won the race.  

Additionally I enlarged the motifs as well as Zach's name.    For comparison, below is what I'd originally drawn on the linen.  But the flags over powered the small motifs and the flags were longer than they should be.  
With the linen flipped over I'm still considering the possibility of drawing the new design.  Don't want to be too hasty this time so meanwhile I've the small cat mat to work on.

Have a great Thursday, and for those wondering, Ben is doing great. He is back to his normal self and challenges me in a play position but since he isn't supposed to rough house for a week am not promoting the play thing.



  1. Great news about Ben. Zach's rug does look more balanced, but that's a lot of flags to hook!!!!

  2. Your rug will be educational

    I've learned something new today. Zach will love it.

  3. I like it with the multiple flags, but wondering if you can spread them out a bit more to match up with the lower motifs? Good to hear that Ben is doing well.


  4. It takes awhile to design a mat , for sure,,, take ur time,,,,,
    Good ben is good,, pets are precious, ,,,, thanks saundra,,,, take care,,


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