Friday, April 1, 2016

Designing a Rug by the Seat of My Pants

But then that's pretty much all I do with hooking, designing, color planning, etc.  

No, the sheep challenge isn't done but really close to being done and am afraid of going thru withdrawal.  If I don't have something to put on my frame immediately after the last loop is pulled I might need sedatives, lol.  Just kidding, but not far from the truth.

Since my 13 year old grandson Zach was so excited and interested in the Man Cave Rug I designed and hooked for his dad (my son) thought Zach should have one of his own.
Zach loves to watch sports on TV with the family and loves to play sports as well.  He's played soccer (his favorite), baseball and basketball.  There isn't a swim team at his school or he would be in that for sure as he loves to swim.

His favorite football team is the Redskins, favorite baseball team the Orioles and he also loves Nascar.   The family takes Zach to the team games when they can get tickets.  My mind started planning the rug many weeks ago so now it was time for templates.

Redskins and Orioles emblems were no problem.  But ran into a minor glitch in my mind for Nascar.  Seems his favorite driver is retiring soon so he has to choose a second string driver.  Initially I'd planned to do an outline of a car with the driver's number on the hood but vetoed that.  Then decided the crossed flags was a better idea.

Okay, so how about a hand drawn from Zach's hand put in the design, also a baseball and soccer ball?  As you can see it is WAY too much on the rug.
So decided to eliminate the hand, the baseball and knew it wasn't going to work so didn't even do the soccer ball.

Here is my second go.  Now it's beginning to look like a better design. Plans are to enlarge the crossed flags to stretch across the Redskins and Orioles logo.  There will be a black and white checkered border to pull it off.  I'm thinking this will be good.  Still a tad more tweaking and planning before putting on linen but a far cry better than the first one.
Since it is going to rain tomorrow that will give me time to play with the design. Have to really soon since the Sheep challenge is almost all hooked.

OH!!!!  Thanks to the new followers!!!!!!!  It is so nice to see people joining and hope that means you like my blog posts.

Have a great evening everyone.

Hugs Saundra


  1. Planning the pattern is always the hardest part, then choosing the colors. I'm sure it will be a winner...
    I've put my hook away for a while and I'm painting ceramics for relaxation. I haven't done that in years.
    Hugs, JB

  2. I'm sure you will design/hook a wonderful rug for your grandson.
    Sure looking forward to seeing your sheep challenge finished.
    Hugs :)

  3. Your sheep challenge rug is awesome and to think it's nearly finished! Good luck with your Grandson's rug, it's sure to be a winner with him, no doubt! And yes, I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

  4. Sher, thanks for your kind comment. Wish I could write a direct "reply" to you but you are a NO-REPLY blogger so it won't go thru to you.

  5. It'll be fun to watch this personalized rug evolve - your grandson will have a real treasure when it's done!

  6. It will be fun to watch this one evolve


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