Saturday, April 9, 2016

Moving Right Along.....

Surely wasn't a happy camper pulling out loops on my grandson's rug last night but knew I'd not be happy continuing.  Oh Oh.... NOW what am I to do the rest of the night????

No way I was ready to start working on new motifs for Zach's rug so decided to go in the small room where my extra frames, needlepunch etc. are kept.   Was thinking there may be a needlepunch which had been started eons ago which could be worked on.  

Holy moly... in a basket were two previously started and aborted hooked pieces.  The hit and miss mat below was started when determined to reduce wool worm stash.  I didn't like the direction and colors, got bored so stopped.
In that same basket was a small antique adaptation which I lost interest in so put that in the basket.  I'd forgotten about these until looking for anything to work on to keep my hands busy.
Today I did do some preliminary RE-planning of my grandson's rug but decided to chill and work on the abandoned cat mat.  No pet should be abandoned so have decided to adopt and work on it again.

After a few loops were pulled in between making soup, this is what it looks like now.
I'm using #8 cuts mostly so far and some 8.5... and YES, all worms!!!!!!! The right eye needs to be more defined and reduced.  But all of a sudden I'm attached to this little guy and won't stress over my grandson's rug since Christmas is still 8 months away.

So I'm chillin and hope my blogger friends are in a good place too. Some of you blogger friends are experiencing serious snow falls.  We've had some snow here too and will have more tonight.  UH, isn't this spring???

Wishing all of you a good weekend.



  1. We were expecting up to 8" of snow and maybe got two which is fine by me. Ran in to a couple white outs on the way to the antique/primitive show but the roads were fine.
    I am glad you are reworking Zach's design because you would not have been happy. I'm glad you realized it before you had more done.
    LOVE the face on your cat.
    Happy hooking :)

  2. Love the cat rug and glad you are finishing it. I seriously need to go through my pile and finish the bindings or fixes on ones I put away.


  3. I love, love, love how you are hooking the cat!!! I have cellulitis in my right ring finger and can't hook right now, but will be back at it soon.
    hugs, Kat

  4. That poor little kitty is so glad to be adopted finally. He's so cute.
    With all the snow it looks like Christmas is just around the corner. Keep pulling those hoops.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I just LOVE cat and kitty rugs so this one is just "purrfect" in my book!!! Sorry about your struggle with Zach's rug but moving on to something else should be just what you need!! The inspiration will come!!
    Warm Hugs~

  6. We got about 4" but it is going as quickly as it came. I stayed in and coked and baked all day. Mmmmmmm. Tomorrow I hope to get creative with hooking and appliquing on a quilt for my daughter.

    Liking the kitty.

  7. Love ur kitty mat,,,,, treasures we find!!! Your grandsons mat will come together,,,,
    We are getting more snow this afternoon!! April is more like december! Take care, saundra,,,

  8. Nice cat. Can't believe you got that much detail with wide strips. How large is the mat?

  9. Aww, the kitty mat will be sweet. We got snow overnight but by late afternoon it was all gone


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