Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Maggie the Cat is Back

Any of you remember the movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Liz Taylor and that hunk with the bluest eyes Paul Newman?  That is what I thought of as I'm walking to throw down my cat mat for a photo and wondered how to title the post. That name seemed rather apt since my 'seat of my pants' rug planning has leaned toward Magdalena style.  So Maggie the Cat it is.
Well you know what's coming.... I see things I want to change.  To my eye some of the light grey wool needs to be pulled out and replaced with darker grey at the mid back and hind quarters.  The light needs to be in the tail to define the tail.  Some light spots are needed as grey cats do have white stripes in them.  But find this cat too distracting with that much on the back.  Plus it makes one wonder if the fur really does grow that way.. which makes me feel inadequate in my hooking skills.  

Also I find the bulls eye dot in the top middle and bottom annoying but will hold off pulling those out until later.

You can see how my design changed from long slow swags and flowers to corner swags which Magdalena did. 

Am happy to say that I'm still working from my woolie worms except for the dark primitive background.  Some is left over odd pieces of texture but as I use a LOT of primitive dark backgrounds those fly out of my bag and always need replenishing.

Next on my frame will be my grandson's rug but want this one hooked first and the binding will wait.

The weather the last two days has been extremely out of season with temps over 80 both days.  Tomorrow will be more normal but will seem 'off' since we've gotten use to the warm temps. 

Even saw my first black snake of the season....and he saw me.  I'm not afraid of snakes but remembered a post someone made about their dog being bit by one so put Ben back in the house while I cleaned out my fish pond filters and filled my bird feeders.  The month of April I believe is mating season for snakes so kept my eyes aware of where IT wasn't so as to not appear to be a threat.

Enjoy the spring and summer coming as the pollen is falling in layers. After the sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes think of all the fresh garden vegetables and BBQ gatherings you can have outside.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.



  1. I like the way it looks, has a naive look and that is good for this piece.


  2. As always You know best as I am always amazed when you change things.

  3. OMG! Kim is going to freak out over your snake talk!!!
    LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!!! At his point I agree with you about the bulls eye dots.
    It was in the 70's yesterday and a chilly 50 today. Welcome to Ohio.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love ur cat!! Looks amazing to me,,,, take care,,,,

  5. I love listening in as you critique your own rugs Saundra - I learn so much from you! Cute little cat - I always love Magdalena style rugs..


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