Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preparing to Start

There's still a little more hooking to do on the cat mat but as soon as it is done would like to start on my grandson's Favorite Teams rug. You're seeing lots of lines around the perimeter of the design.  That is because I know for sure that I'll not be making changes to the border or size of rug.  

I don't do this style each and every time before starting to hook a rug, only to the ones I'm sure size and design are set in stone.  And that task is a lot easier to manipulate a rug in a sewing machine when it doesn't have the weight and bulk of it being hooked.   
So I machine stitched two rows of straight stitching 1" away from the border line and then joined them together with one row of zig zag.
So now you also see another drawn line just inside that and 1/4" from the border's edge.  That is the sewing guide line for me to attach the binding fabric.
Wanted to clarify tho, that I do always, always, prepare the edge of my foundation before binding.   Never do I leave a raw loose edge on my foundation even if it is covered with binding tape or rolled and whipped edge.  That unstitched edge is still moving with each pick up of the hands and making it vulnerable to teasing.

As I'm cleaning out and donating my fabrics thought this black and white checkered fabric would be perfect for the binding of the rug/wall hanging.  It is plenty wide enough for me to sew on a sleeve for a dowel to be inserted for it to go on the wall.  Or, no dowel if it goes on the floor.

Have a great evening.  And pay a visit to our old friend who has a new face.... that would be our Kim (previously of Millie's Mats) but now is a Glass Half Full.  Go pay a visit and be a follower.



  1. It's funny how we all prepare our rugs differently. I always wait until the end because the shape and size always changes. Thanks for the shout out for the new blog

  2. I agree with Kim, it is fun to see how everyone finishes rugs! I too always change my mind when I get to a border. Sometime I draw a pattern to be a certain size, hook it and then measure it and it is smaller! Very strange! Oh well, can't wait to see you hook this fun rug!

  3. You found the perfect fabric to bind your grandson's mat. I've never attached the binding beforehand. That would make finishing so much easier!
    Hugs :)

  4. Cant wait to see the start ,, saundra,,,, looks good,,,,, have a great day,,,, enjoy ur blog,,,,

  5. I can't wait to see this rug. It looks great and your grandson will love it.

  6. As always thanks for sharing your knowledge. I know I will enjoy seeing this rug come to life.


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