Thursday, April 28, 2016

There's A Storm Brewing

That storm isn't weather related but rather happens to be within my house. May 15th I'll be attending rug camp with the wonderful Barb Carroll at her lovely home in Ligonier, PA.  Here is a picture of me and my gal pal Deb back in 2010 at the Guest House.
Although that is still two weeks away I hate waiting until the last minute to pull wool for my rugs.  Have made that mistake before and the mess remains in my wool room even after I've left for camp.  At least this way hopefully the mess can be organized before I really pull out of the driveway.  So now the chaos begins.
The design I'm taking is Karen Kahle's "Simple Gifts".  It is a Magdalena style design so will love playing with it and am sure Barb will too.
Trying to figure out a good way to carry wool for camp isn't always easy.  The 'under the bed' containers are nice to carry pieces of yardage in of colors you know you'll use.  But that can be bulky to maneuver in a classroom.  

So I've found that putting sections of wool as large as 1/4 yard pinned to a ring is a great way to present the wool.  I'll have a ring with background color ideas, another ring for border ideas and various smaller strips in those colors I'd like for my smaller motifs.  However, I still carry that plastic container with the larger pieces in case they are needed.  They may stay in the car and can be retrieved easily if more yardage is required.

Hey guys and gals, this chaos isn't over yet.  The storm is just coming into the area.  

Have a great evening.



  1. I have never been to a rug camp so I can only imagine your excitement . I carry my rugs in progress with me when I go with my husband to one of his conferences. I have several Heaven to Betsy bags that I use to carry my wool. I sure do miss those bags when I order wool. I have been in a hooking slump. My rug in progress is not quite half way finished and I don't think I am going to have enough wool to finish the background. Its off the bolt wool and is no longer available, so I am going to have to figure out what to mix with it. I truly understand the verse "who builds a house without first figuring the cost to make sure he has enough money to finish it.

  2. Getting ready for a rug school is fun,,, bet ur excited,,, I would be,,, wow,,, cant wait to see ur progress on that mat,,,, have a great weekend,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,

  3. Oh, I am just loving that wool room of yours. I like how you are problem solving, how your wool will travel. The wool on a ring is a great idea, with all the colors displayed. Do you also take your wool cutter ??

  4. can't wait to read more of this adventure!! safe travels & have fun!

  5. Great idea for organizing your wool. It should be a wonderful class with a great teacher!

  6. You seem so organized. I'm impressed. Sadly I would probably just stuff some in a cloth tote bag and run

  7. I am pulling wool & packing too as our Ohio group goes to Barb's the week prior to you! I have two thirty one large tote bags I take my wool in. I like them because you can fold your wool, stack in the bags & with a glance see all your colors. We will try to leave some of Barb's wool for you! So looking forward to seeing Barb & 4 days of hooking!


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