Monday, April 25, 2016

Where To Start Hooking a Rug

At least a few loops have been pulled on Zach's Favorite Sports Rug even tho grass cutting and weed pulling season is upon us.  

Do you wonder where to start hooking your new project?  If there is one central motif I usually start in the center...take for example the Sheep challenge which just recently occurred.  It was the sheep which got my attention since it stood out in the very center.

Hooking the center of the rug is not always what to do.  I've learned from knowledgeable teachers that you hook "what is on top first".  So in the case of my grandson's Favorite Sports Rug that would be certain flags.
There were 3 options for me to start with and I chose to go from left to right.  As you can see (above) the yellow flag sits on top of the one to the right so hooked that first.  Then I went for the middle checkered flag which slightly covers the bottom of a flag on its left.  Next in line would be the 6th flag which will be a red.  In a previous post the explanation of the flag colors were explained.

Not an impressive start but Christmas is several months away so can take my time.  Besides, in less than 3 weeks I'll be starting a rug with the magnificent and talented primitive hooker Barb Carroll in Ligonier, PA.  I'm looking forward to being there once again.  

Oh NO!!!  You followers know me and how I tweak (unless you're a new follower, and thanks for the two who just joined!).  Anyway, when drawing out on the flip side to re-draw the design, I measured the distance of the logos at the bottom to be sure they were the same distance from the border line.  

Well hell!.  It looks unbalanced now with the the Orioles logo being lower. The feathers of the Redskins logo is what threw me off. So now guess I'll have to buy a red felt pen to redraw the O's logo up a tad higher to make it look even.  

Sometimes this woman doesn't see the forest for the trees.  I've often wondered what the hell that statement meant but now think I know.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you had a good Monday.  Stay tuned to see what ranting and raving I'll go to next.  But as my good friend Evelyn says..... "I'm my own worst enemy".  



  1. Yup, you are your own worst enemy, but I agree that the Oriole logo needs to be moved up.
    Please don't even say the "C" word!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. You know I like to razz you about being an overly anal tweeker but in this case, yes it needs to be tweaked. Lol

  3. Yikes!!! At least you realized it before you hooked.


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