Saturday, April 2, 2016

Buried Treasure

Slowly I've been trying to purge my cottons, craft supplies and other clutter which has accumulated over the almost 20 years while being here.  Believe me there is a long way to go because I've doll patterns, more fabric, accessories to go with dolls, clothes.. you get the idea.  

And no, my house doesn't look like a hoarder lives here ~ I've successfully been able to hide all my faults on shelves, attic, boxes...sigh.

Imagine my surprise when I found a treasure trove of stitchery patterns by The Basket Case which I thought lost.  Eventually I am planning on putting the entire 12 month collection on either eBay or etsy but plan to place several listings at the same time.  Originally these individual patterns were $7.25.  Some may have had a carrot button for a nose or some other button.  Some items I used and some not, but the carrot nose for a snowman can be embroidered...after all it is a stitchery design.  You can see 3 packages which has a button or accessory which I didn't use.
In this treasure trove also found a collection of Curtis Boehringer's Redwork designs which I never did do.  And don't ever plan to do stitchery again as the rug hook is glued to my hand.  There is an empty spot for May and for the month of August.  Not sure if I just didn't go back to the store to pick up the others when they were released or if they may be buried somewhere else here...which I doubt since all these were in one pattern box.
There are several other stitchery patterns which I haven't taken pictures of yet.  This pattern is for Christmas ornaments and includes the fabric and floss.  It is an Indigo Junction design and I've no interest in doing these or other stitchery now.
There are several other stitchery patterns never been used and will eventually take pictures of them when I'm ready to post on either eBay or etsy.  I'm not planning on listing each month individually when it is a 12 month series.  But there are some of The Basket Case stitcheries which were individual designs and will be listed separately.

Yup a treasure of the lost was unearthed.  Made a little headway on my Sheep challenge but still not done since I'm multi-tasking mending son's work pants, pulling items to take to the thrift shop, still working on grandson's motifs.  

Have a great Saturday evening.




  1. What a great find in your own house. I bet you'll find more treasures as you go. Someone will be happy to buy those.
    Good luck with your purging.

  2. I need to purge. I'm afraid of what I'll find if I dig

  3. Ditto what Kim said!
    Happy Sunday to you. Is your sheep rug done? I'm finally working on mine.
    Hugs :)

  4. When you're done, will you come to my house :-/


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