Sunday, April 17, 2016

On the Flip Side

Well finally drew another grandson rug on the flip side of the other one. Hopefully this will work better for me.  The logos and Zach's name have been enlarged a tad and the flags have been spread out a bit to extend further across the top.  
The room at the top left and right will have my initials on one side and the year 2016 on the other.  I will still sew a label on the back but if that label should become disconnected wanted the info hooked into the rug.  In case you've forgotten what I previously drew you can see it below.
When transferring the Redskins logo, sadly my newest drawing has a bad nose on the Redskins logo.  The transfer fabric or my pen slid so will rectify that during hooking.

In an effort to de-stash I've been busy listing some of my stitchery designs on eBay.  I figure if they sell it will be a couple bucks in my pocket rather than getting nothing in return by taking them to the thrift shop.  And, who knows if they would end up in their dumpster anyway.   I'm listing some red work, The Basket Case 12 month Angel series and a few others.  What doesn't get listed by the end of the day will be listed next weekend as I want to hook on my cat mat so that my grandson's rug can get started soon.

Happy Sunday.



  1. Love the new layout and with the initials and date will be perfect as an overall design, he will love it.


  2. I knew you'd come up with a wonderful pattern!
    Hugs :)

  3. Looking good, saundra,,,,, you will like it better now that u have taken the time to decide and not rush,,,,, take care

    Sprjng has arrived here,, so busy outside and spring cleaning,,,, not much hooking getting done,,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,


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