Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Queen of Tweak

Actually that is a title dubbed me by my (our) blog friend Kim of Glass Half Full.  While that title sounds somewhat elegant, I'm not sure it is deserving.  I'll explain why after I post this first photo.
In the picture above when hooking the flag poles thought a good color would be black since there is black in the Oriole logo, Zach's name will be black and there is black in the Redskins design so would pull it all together .  Hmm, not a good choice.  

First the black is too bold against the yellow and white flag.  Plus it makes it confusing against the checkered flag.  SOOOO, the Queen of Tweak pulled out the black poles and changed it.
Guess I'm a slow learner on color planning but am more confident in this color choice now.  

Must say that I'm not having fun hooking the checkered flag.  While I know the flag is curled under, there's no way it will look like that after I hook it.  But then..... this project isn't going to an art critic, it isn't being sent to Celebrations.  It will be a gift to my grandson who will only see the black and white checkered flag used at Nascar.  So CHILL Saundra!!!!

Do you believe tomorrow is May 1st??  Me either.  We are midway thru the year of 2016 already and I'm just 2 weeks from leaving for a delightful rug camp with magnificent Barb Carroll.  Contact her if you have a group of 5 or 6 who would like to attend a camp with her personally.  OR.... if there are only two of you tell her you're interested as there may be 3 other people who would want to attend.

I can tell you that you have never encountered a better class with anyone ever than the small class you will have with Barb.  There are many teachers I've loved and continue to take classes with.  But at large rug camps there are 12 or so students in a class.  With Barb, at her Woolley Fox retreat there are just a handful of students and we get special attention.

Have a great evening, happy Saturday!!!!



  1. Lol. Funny lady. The new poles look better.

  2. Well, Quennie, I know this rug will be another stunner when done and Zach will LOVE it.
    Watcha hookin' at Barb's?
    Hugs :)


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