Tuesday, December 6, 2022


First is a bouquet of flowers and kitty kat.  Isn't this adorable!  No date or dimensions.
An oval hooked parrot rug, possibly a Frost design, according to the auction web site.  Again no dimensions provided.
The next isn't hooked but probably needlepoint or cross stitch.    The sampler style rug could easily be adapted to a rug hooking pattern.  It measures 21 x 38 from Ephrata, PA.  Said to be made between 1850-1900.  
A Geometric with Stars and Moons with great background dated 1900's with dimensions of 42 x 58.
This next one I've named Folk Art Horse for lack of a more creative name.  Someone asked for the pattern so I drew it to her specified 20 x 30.  It is already in the mail to to her.  For those of you wondering, with the overall dimensions the men happen to be 9" tall.
For you landscape enthusiasts is this lovely Horse and Buggy scene which measures 45 x 62.  Came from a NJ collection and was hooked early 20th century.
No rug show would be complete without a cat rug.   So here's double your pleasure.
Ditto with a horse rug...This was hooked 1920 and measures 19.5 x 37.5.  I like this design and don't know why I haven't hooked it yet.
Here is a close up of the profiles, colors and date.   Just love a blotchy background.
Hmmm, did I miss a dog rug?  For you canine lovers is another double your pleasure rug of dogs.  
And a view of the back.  I mention this each time a rug hooked when the self-bound edge appears.  Sure wish I could hook without a frame so I could pull off that technique.               
What a miserable rainy day it was today.  But hey, am happy to alive and still pulling loops at my age so got that going for me.  Drew a pattern today and shipped it, got my hair cut so now it is time for me to pull some loops and have a glass of "kickapoo joy juice".  For the life of me cannot remember where in my past I heard this phrase but it just popped in my head.  So had to 'google' it and it was a fictional beverage from the Lil Abner cartoon.  You can read about that on the link just above.

Happy hooking.



  1. All the rugs are nice but I really like the first one.
    It's interesting how the last rug is bound through two layers of foundation. It must be a little more difficult to pull the loops but it looks like a good way to bind a rug without extra expense.

    I've never heard of Kickapoo drinks but it sounds like a kick ass breavage, lol.
    Enjoy your Kickapoo.
    We're getting rain tomorrow and showers for the next two days.


  2. Rainy day here too I did get a walk in yesterday. I do love that first rug the kitten is so small. I do not believe I ever read Lil Abner but the juice sounds good lol.

  3. As always, a great show. I've hooked that top one, with the flowers and kitty. I like to hook antique reproductions. It turned out great. Did you ever decide on basing a rug design using the antique quilt as inspiration?

  4. I think I saved the horse one on my Pinterest board. The first one really intrigues me. I love the brown background! BTW the clue for you was the red long johns. ;-) Janice

  5. More fun rugs! You must hold the record for the most saved antique rugs ;-)

  6. Fun mats,,,,,love that first one,,!!!

  7. You find great old rugs , but that first one is my Fav to ! Love your "KickApoo Joy Juice " Have to remember this one !!!

  8. Love the first rug! It brings back memories of my cat Leroy. I finally learned whenever flowers were brought in the house, to put them on the floor for him to sniff. And sniff he would - burying his face in them. And once he had his sniffer full, they could be put on the table and he'd leave them alone. If I didn't do that, he'd be on the table sniffing flowers, wide eyed, watching for DH to come and yell at him, and he would not leave the flowers alone for days.


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