Sunday, April 10, 2016

Waz Up You Ask?

Today was a relaxed day not worrying about my grandson's rug BUT did spend time working on motifs and taking some pictures.  But do not plan on drawing anything out until the decision is carved in stone.

My little kitty kat is still on my frame and am sloowly and comfortably hooking it taking my time.  Follower Jennie asked what size the mat was because she was surprised at my getting the detail of the cat.

WHOO HOO!  Really?  That was the greatest compliment I could have received...thanks Jennie.
I'm old school so try to use what I have.  That is why those fabric strips are sewn onto the edges and to use up my small pieces of linen.  

The answer of the size is the design measures 12 1/4 x 17 1/2.  The wool used for the cat has only been left over strips for whatever is in my bag. So mostly #8, some smaller and some bigger depending on what grey value I need.  

So thanks Jennie, and yes I'm proud to have gotten the detail in a wide cut.  That is why I chose to hook my departed Shadow in a #8 after having the intense hooking of my departed Rotties in #3.  

For you new followers I'll post a picture of those two rugs on my blog tomorrow.  Am really running late so gotta run.

Have a great Sunday evening and we're having another BIG freeze here and it is supposed to be SPRING.



  1. I agree with Jennie, great detail.

  2. I do love all the grays you are using and his face is just wonderful. LOVE those eyes.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love how you got that detail and shading in the cat, this is going to be a beautiful piece.


  4. Great sweet cat , saundra,,,,, you are doing really great with ur leftovers,,, gosh my leftovers are growing,,, need to make a rokm size mat,,,, or lots of different smaller ones!! Do have a scrappy on the go,,,, but ,, you know,,, never see them go down,,,, I do use my strips first when hooking anything at all,,,, thanks for ur blogs,,, really enjoyjng seeing ur mats,,,,

  5. I can hear that cute little kitty purring already in approval. I would fall in love with it if I was hooking it. I agree with the others about the great details.Enjoy your hooking.

  6. Looking good. Freezing....oh, no!!! We are getting ready to get our tomatoes in the ground here, but it is a bit cooler than usual. Definitely not freezing, though.

  7. Were having sunny weather and the chickens are s leeping outside for the first time.


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