Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What To Hook Next

As I'm close to being done with Hester, I've been wracking my brain to decide what to hook next.  Briefly thought about hooking some more flower pins to take for sale at Cape May but that thought passed quickly.  

Also thought of hooking Lucille Festa's Hobo Joe even tho I am presently hooking Lori Brechlin's Hester, a fall design.
And lately have also had neutral monochromatic thoughts and would like to experience that.  So I went thru the antique rug photos I've collected and thought I'd post a few.  Okay Kim.....FYI I'm not on any 'medications' of choice, lol so maybe these photos will make it on the blog.

There are a couple of these rugs which I find interesting and would be fun to hook.  But still I don't know what is going to be on my frame next.  What I REALLY need to do is clean this pig sty of a house and trim some limbs on some of my bushes.

Time for some yogurt and fresh blueberries and sit with a hook in my hand after.  Enjoy your evening everyone.



  1. I like the cat piece, nice design and lots of colors would look nice with that one. I also like yogurt with blueberries, good health snack.


  2. Oh, those are some wonderful rugs!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. I love those colors for rugs, Saundra. I find nothing wrong with you kind choice of medication. I use the same medication and I have no problem uploading my pictures.

    It looks like you licked the Window 10 problem.

    Hope you are relaxed tonight. It's raining and I have some beet pickling to do. I'm running late since I had visitors today.

  4. You can figure I would vote for the horses although I think you hooked something similar already.


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