Sunday, October 4, 2020

Antique Rug Show

Time for me to do another blog post and since I'm  not prepared to show my progress (or lack there of) on the pumpkins will provide a mini rug show.

First up is a rug described by the auction house as Horse drawn wagon thru countryside.  The crisp bright colors remind me of Maude Lewis's rugs except it is lacking bright yellow.  This rug was hooked circa 1920 and measures 27 x 39.5.
And photo of the backside.
Girls picking Cherries with Waldoboro technique applied in a few areas.  It  measures 23.5 x 37 early 20th century.  I've never done the Waldoboro technique in a rug but have done proddy with hooking.
A Lion rug measuring 28 x 41 hooked late 19th early 20th century and the property of Carolyn and Tom Porter.  Those are some very colorful leaves hooked hit and miss style.
This Oval rug with cat and dog would be a perfect Halloween rug with the colors and the frightened cat.  Love it.  No other information was provided on the site.
I love this New England hooked Dove rug.  Dimensions are 24 x 31.
Old Homestead circa 1830 measures 14x17.  Yup, I do love those weathered old rugs.
And lastly, Urn with flowers  circa 1850 which looks like standing wool strips and auction house said yarns were used.  Dimensions are 30 x 42.  A lovely piece someone is proud to own I'm sure.
Happy Sunday and happy hooking.



  1. Of those beauties you shared, I love the dove - the dove, the drab variations of colors and the boarder 🕊

  2. Great mats again,,,
    Love them all,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  3. Another great rug hooking show!

  4. Always fun to see your rug shows !!!

  5. Ooooo....I'm loving that last one!!! And YEEESSSS on the cat/dog one...except I would do two cats facing each other....It would remind me of this old sheet music I have ("All Night Long") that I had framed... gee....guess I forgot to take a photo of that for my last post..... ~Robin~

  6. I love these. For once, I can't choose a favorite.


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