Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Mat and Mundane Chit Chat

The best part of this post is this mat I hooked 2015.  His name is Hester and is a design by Lori Brechlin which was a freebie in an issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  Robin I believe this background color is the same dye recipe.
Looking at it now think a thin row of darker value needs to be hooked around the hat.  Uh, hope I do that while it is fresh on my mind...but will I get to it after the last couple days I've had with little sleep?

Okay, I've had a couple bad days but haven't bitched about it until now.  Hmmm, guess that's not true since my patience was lacking with the hooked and stuffed pumpkins.  So maybe it DID start before today.

Everyone gets a spot that needs to be scratched and you don't give it a second thought.  Unless....that spot takes on a new itch feeling.  During sleep a spot on the top of each hand itched and I scratched not awake to understand.  After being rubbed during the night twice or three times the reality of a problem becomes apparent~~~~poison ivy.

A few years ago I had it so bad my body looked like raw meat and was on cortisone pills and topical steroids.  My GP told me once I was so allergic that if anyone was burning leaves with poison ivy in it or cutting grass and wind was blowing my way I'd get it.

I live in the woods and am my own grass cutter.  In spring I go identify the spots and spray.  The last couple times I've cut grass I've worn long pants and long sleeves despite the humidity.  Guess I should have come in and taken a shower because the itch started on my hands and under my chin.  Areas of exposure from the breeze blowback.

It started on top of my hands and a small spot under my chin. After two sleepless nights and still using alcohol rub to dry the area then apply caladryl the contact dermatitis grew.  It is working up the chin along the nose and toward the eye, downward the neck, on my midriff and a spot on my back.  Thank goodness I was able to get an immediate appointment with my primary care physician.

Last night I tied a bandana around my neck so as to not spread the oil of the poison on my pillow case but my neck looked worse this morning.  Thus the rush to get to the doctor.   Now I'm on Prednisone for 14 days and will continue my vigilance with the alcohol rug and caladryl.  I've washed the sheets, will wear long sleeves and gloves to bed and tie that newly washed bandana around my neck again.  

I'd hoped to get my high dose flu shot today but my doctor said since my immune system was compromised and had an active allergy it was not wise today.  So now I've got to wait until this crap is gone.

Hooray for anyone who had the stamina to read all my medical history..or should I spell that...hysterics.



  1. You have my complete and utmost sympathy.
    Many yrs ago I dove into a pool that had, unbeknownst to me, a film of poison ivy oils floating on top.
    I scratched and scratched until it would have been embarrassing to be in public. Took a long time but healed. And of my colleagues inhaled it from burning leaves. That was awful.
    Good luck...

  2. Oh no! That sounds miserable. Hope the pred kicks in and you get some relief soon.

  3. Yikes and yikes, saundra!! That sounds so awful,,,,, so sorry!!! Hope thimgs get better in a hurry!!!
    Love that mat!!! I think I may have donecit in pumch needle!! And gifted it!! Now its got me curious,,, because I have a few of those wonderful magazines!! Goimg to look today!!!
    Feel better,,,, and hope u sleep,,,, I know that feelimg of no sleep!!!

  4. UGH! I am so sorry. A mild case of poison ivy is bad so I cannot imagine what you are going through. I hope you get some relief quickly.

  5. I've only had 1 small spot of poison ivy, but that was enough to know I don't ever want it again. I can't imagine having it in several places. I hope you start feeling better soon! I agree the hat, especially the brim, needs... something.

  6. My sister is the same and I have never had it. The first time she got it a neighbor was burning it. I feel so bad for you, you must be so uncomfortable.

  7. O.M.G. You will have me itching ALL NIGHT LONG (catch that "coded" reference LOL??? Sorry....I couldn't resist....) But seriously I KNOW EXACTLY what you're going through...because I am the same way with poison ivy. As a child, I would get it so bad and it would spread so rapidly and thoroughly (like between the fingers, etc.) they would not let me come to school for a week at a time. (Amazing I got out of elementary school LOL). Once my sister came in with a bouquet of wild flowers....she came in the kitchen door and my mom spotted the poison ivy immediately and screamed at her to get it outside and get rid of it and go to the milkhouse and wash thoroughly. At the time, I was coming down the steps... the house was small, but to get the kitchen I would have to cross through the dining room (a straight shot) and my mom had also yelled at me to stop in my tracks. Well, guess what.... I woke up the next day completely covered in it. For a long time I would have to go in and get shots for like 4 months every spring..... Oh are bringing this back like a nightmare.

  8. Oh crap...I completely forgot about Hester.... I LOVE he!!!! I think maybe my favorite so far. I never got that magazine for some reason.... If you still have yours and it's not too much trouble, maybe you can go back and see which issue it was in and I can see if I can get an old copy online??? Not sure when I would get to her, but dang, I love, love, love her!! Great color plan! ~Robin~

  9. Oh so sorry about the poison ivy. My mom got it so bad one year, so I know how you feel. Love Hester!

  10. OMG ...have not been on the computer in a few days & just saw this Hope you are feeling better by now !!!


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