Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Celebrating the Season

This is a design called Jack designed by Barb Carroll and was a free pattern insert in the September/October 1997 issue.  I love it and one day just  might hook another with somewhat different color variations.  
I have other fall/Halloween rugs which I'll post every day throughout the month.  Enjoy.

This morning I went to two different drug stores and Walmart in search of the high dose flu shot and none were available.  Guess next time I'll call first instead of wasting gasoline.



  1. Love this rug !!! That's terrible they didn't have the high dose Flu shot !!! Too many Baby Boomers following the Doctors & science !

  2. Sweet rug! Looking forward to the daily showing:-)

  3. Love your Jack. I finally got my high dosage at Target. I did schedule a n appointment time. And they gave me a $5. Coupon for Target. Win win

  4. I go to the dr's next week I will get it then. Love your jack I have that pattern put aside to if I ever get to it.

  5. High dose flu shot? I didn't know there was more than one kind, but I opt not to get it.
    You have enough Halloween/fall rugs to post one a day? I'm impressed!!! I just recently came across the old issue that has this pattern. Maybe some day...

  6. Ooooo...this is gonna be all kinds of fun! I LOVE Halloween!!! (But you knew that already LOL....) Love this one....and your rich color choices. Are you talking an insert in Rug Hooking magazine??? If so, I just might have that! ~Robin~

  7. I've never seen this one before. Love it just as it is. We got our old folk flu shots this week at our mom and pop pharmacy. No sore arms or any other side effects.


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