Friday, October 16, 2020

I'm Late

 Sorry I'm late with a promised post every day to celebrate Halloween but yesterday was quite a busy computer-busy day, a couple of my pals would agree and forgive me I think.

Today I'm switching from rugs and mats to dolls.  This one may have been one-of-a-kind (can't remember).  So is she a Pumpkin Witch or a Pumpkin Fairie ~  How would you identify her?
Making dolls was fun for a while and made a variety of them.  My favorite style was primitive and here are a few examples.  The first photo are huge dolls and I always named them.  This is Socrates and Jubilee Jones.
While some like big dolls others prefer smaller ones so I made this one which was snapped up quickly.  I named her Polly Anna and the date on the photo was 2001, wow, 19 years ago.
Then I did some minis which were quite popular like these babes in a row.  This photo was from 2002.
Also did a few vintage reproductions like the Columbian style dolls, both of those sold.
I made two of the Columbian Dolls below and dressed them in vintage child clothing, one was purchased by my Aunt and I kept one which sits in my living room in an antique rocker but not this one.
There are a few left which didn't sell when I decided to stop doing shows and perhaps one day I'll take the time to photo them and list them on ebay.

Happy Friday; it's a wet one here so am hoping to pull a few loops and chill.  And will be happy to do so since I didn't sleep well last night.  The prednisone and caladryl just isn't working fast enough for me.



  1. I was thinking of you last night hoping you were feeling better ~ hope it helps soon.

  2. I love your dolls so much work in them! Prednisone will keep you up anyway drink some sour cherry juice it might help. I hope you are feeling better soon

  3. Oh you are surely forgivin....I hope I am. ;-) have quite the talent!! Those babes in a row are so very realistic.....but I bet you can't guess which is my favorite. And I would call her a pumpkin fairie angel..... Woke up to white on the snow on the ground (ok, I lied....there was snow on the ground at the time that I would get up had I actually slept).... We are to get up to 2" of snow tonight. I know it won't stick around long, but it still makes me wince....and shiver.... Hope the itch and spread is subsiding at this point. ~Robin~

  4. You sure are talented!
    What beautys,,,,
    Hope u feel better!

  5. After looking at it a couple of times, my vote is for Pumpkin Fairy. I'm not quite sure why though...

  6. Wow! If you ever got the urge to create more dolls they would be best sellers.
    Hope the meds are helping!


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