Monday, October 12, 2020

Fall / Halloween Season Continued

Was hoping to be done with those hooked and stuffed pumpkins to show you this evening but they're not quite done.  I've forged on because I knew if I set them aside unfinished they would never get finished.  

Tonight I'm showing you a photo of Hobo Joe which is a design by Lucille Festa .  The design was meant to be a cut-out but chose to hook him as a mat.
Despite not being a cut-out he is presently hanging on my front door.  I think he looks dapper in a Halloweenish way.



  1. Very dapper,,,,
    Fun one for the door,,,,

  2. LOVE him Saundra!!! The cat on his hat is purrrfect! I also love your background....the color and how you hooked it. Hmmmm.....I hang lots of mats that aren't cutouts.....Isn't that ok??? ~Robin~

  3. I bet Hobo Joe looks great hanging on your door!


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