Saturday, October 10, 2020

Season Celebration on Saturday

This is a design by Kelley Belfast which I named "A Little Birdie Told Me" because Kelley drew the stem curved toward the bird and it appeared the bird was whispering to the pumpkin.  

For Halloween I placed it on my schoolmasters desk.  To the far left is the scoop salvaged from my grandfather's barn after he passed.  Pop-pop lived a walking distance from us when I was growing up and kept my horse Richie there.  The sc
oop was used daily to feed Richie and is a fond memory of my gelding horse.
I took two photos with different settings, the one above was the first shot, below is the second.  Do you notice anything different.  If you don't see it I'll explain under the next photo.
Many of you probably won't notice, but there is a faint orb just above the rug on the right side.  It wasn't a piece of dust on my camera lens or it would have shown up in the first photo also since the photos were taken seconds apart.  

I've taken photos in the house before (as well as Cape May) and sometimes the orbs show up and sometimes not; occasionally the orbs are more prominent.  Each time my camera captures an orb in my house I wonder who it is...could it be my spirit guide (I understand everyone has one), an angel, my mother or another loved one, or the spirit of one of my departed pets?

Okay, I'm sure some of you think I've gone off the deep end, but the orbs have a special meaning for me.



  1. I do not think you have gone off the deep end. When we did a whole family picture one year for Easter here there was a orb and my niece took several pictures and it showed up in the same place each time. It was my husbands family and I know his parents would of been so pleased to see us all together.
    ps cute rug!

  2. We have more orbs in our store from September thru November 1st. Its that time of year where the earth's crust is at its thinnest so the paranormal folks tell us. Great pumpkin mat! Janice

  3. Sweet mat!

    Its thanksgiving weekend here,,,, so we are having a lovely sunny day,,,,
    Have good weekend,,,

  4. Perhaps your grand dad since you were thinking about him 💕. Also great Jemimas!

  5. Love your Rug ! It's funny since you mentioned Orbs , I have seen them in some of my photos too .... I hope it's a nice spirit visiting me !!!

  6. LOVE that rug!! But there aren't many of Kelley's designs that I don't like. And love what you named it!! Perfect!! Ummmm, you know me better than to think I would think you went off the deep end. Some people think I live on the other side LOL.

    1. And PS....I LOVE that you have the grain scoop that your gramps used to feed your horse!! What a special treasure!

  7. Such a fun little mat for this season. I love the desk it is sitting on and the scoop is such a wonderful treasure filled with fond memories :)


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