Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Finally Hooked and Stuffed Pumpkins

Thank goodness these three pumpkins are DONE.  You can take it on confident authority these will be the last hooked and stuffed pumpkins I ever make.  So I declare Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) the Pumpkin Queen 👑. 
Looked for the appropriate basket/vessel for them and this is all I could find quickly.  Sorry the handle distracts from the view.  I did do a 4 piece wool patchwork on the back of the left pumpkin but only patchwork on the other two of the stem and body.  After doing the first one said 'hell with it' and did the easy way.
No more, no thanks, nada, nei takk.  I'm ready to move on and have accomplished hooking and stuffing a pumpkin, or two or three.  Certainly not the caliper of Lauren, the over achiever.  Luv ya gal.


  1. I've been called a lot of things, but overachiever is usually not one of them...lol!
    They do look good!!! Love the off white one :)

  2. at least you made some I haven't even attempted them

  3. About 6 yrs ago I taught Betsy reed in a workshop in Maine. She pulled out some lavender stuffed animals from.her bag and they were really charming. I thought she might offer one but no go...so its up to oneself to make. Pumpkins look great. I need to do the same. Thanks for sharing.

  4. They look so good!
    You make it look easy,,,

  5. Oh this made me laugh !!! Funny how somethings just make us want to throw what we made into a corner !!!! Your pumpkins are really cute , too bad you will never want to make another one !!! LOL !!! I have been there many times !!!

  6. No argument from me here.... GT is definitely the queen of hooked pumpkins (and some other things.... ;-) ) and no one is of her caliber when it comes to them. But I think you did an awesome job!! I really like the one on the left....and that little one really echos the moon in Jack's Crow. ~Robin~


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