Monday, October 5, 2020

The Games We Play

 In case you hadn't notice Lauren (Rugs and Pugs), Robin (that Cranky Crow) and I are a trio who play off one another.  Appears we take cues from each others blog posts or personal emails ~ sorta like a 'tag, you're it'.  If you follow/read our blogs you'll get it.

So in response to Robin's latest blog post wanting to see my homemade Jack-O-Lantern, here it is along side the hooked Jack and his Crow ~ which was previous tag team effort with a follow-up to something Robin said.
The Jack-O-Lantern was made starting with a big foam ball from the craft store, covered with purchased papier mache', painted, then cutting out the foam.  Can't recall if the hole for the wire handle was poked while the mache' was damp and pliable or later.  I'm thinking it would have been much easier to cover a balloon and when dried burst the balloon.  But perhaps the balloon may have burst while making it and having a failed Jack.

Obviously my Jack needs a little something inside to hide that bright white.  Even painting the inside would be better but will have to decide something soon.  

Here is the inside paper on which I drew the eyes , tongue and glued to the front.
Since the vintage Jacks are hard to get or very expensive if you find them, I've got my homemade one.  Well, make that four.  I designed and hooked these "Mache' Jacks" which also make me happy.  Again this was an attempt to fulfill my desire for the real thing.
So Robin.... is that one of Poe's relatives who just flew in and sitting on my harvest table?



  1. WOW Saundra....I am completely dumbstruck!! I LOVE your mache Jack!! It is one of the best "repros" I have seen....complete with the paper inserts no less!! And that rug!!! GAH! I have never seen you post that one is WONDERFUL!!!!!! And Poe says that looks a bit like a second cousin from this mother's side....but he isn't entirely sure. ;-) ~The Third Musketeer~

  2. Funny!!! Read all the other posts,,,,Too,,,,
    Love UR Mat!,!!

  3. Love your paper mache Pumpkin !!! He is great !!! It's fun to see you & your friends spur each other on !!! Love your rug too !!!

  4. I love it all but love your pumpkin rug! I am in the middle of Jack's crow right now.

  5. Loving your pumpkin rug! Oh my. Janice

  6. Your talents never cease to totally amaze me!!!

  7. Can't imagine the effort involved in making that Jack. He is pretty darned cute, and I have always liked that rug.


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